• How many passengers can fly at the same time?

    The basket of the hot air balloons that we use holds a maximum of 4 passengers and the pilot. If your company is larger, the air ride will take place in several balloons.

  • Can anyone try a balloon ride?

    We don't take pregnant women and children under 8 years old or under 1m 30cm in height on this flight, as due to the high sides of the balloon basket it would not be interesting for a child to watch the flight. Children aged 8 to 12 years old are flying only when accompanied by their parents.

  • What are the weather limitations for flying?

    Ballooning (free-flying the balloon) is not carried out in precipitation or winds of more than 4 m/s. To operate the balloon in tethered mode, the wind should not exceed 3 m/s, and precipitation is also not desirable.

  • What to do if the air ride is timed to a certain date (Birthday, wedding), and the weather does not allow to fly?

    To protect yourself from unpleasant weather surprises, it is better to buy a certificate for a hot-air balloon flight. You can use this certificate to fly in a balloon on any suitable day during the year.

  • At what altitude and in what direction is the balloon flight?

    In tethered mode, the balloon ascends to an altitude of 50 m.
    Under free flight conditions, the balloon is flying at an altitude of 300...800 m. The balloon moves in the direction of the wind, so it is impossible to guess where it will arrive.
    But during the whole period of the air ride the escort team follows it on the ground. After the flight it picks up the passengers and helps to assemble the balloon.

  • Where can I fly in a hot air balloon?

    We fly everywhere where ballooning is allowed. Ballooning takes place in the Kiev region (picturesque surroundings of Vasylkiv, Makarov, Pereiaslav and Bila Tserkva).

  • Is it safe to go airborne?

    Yes. Flying in a hot air balloon is the safest way to take to the skies.

  • How long is the air ride?

    The balloon flight itself lasts about 1 hour. Including the shuttle and the initiation ceremony, the entire program takes 3 - 4 hours.

  • What if I'm afraid of heights?

    People who are afraid of heights are actually afraid of being over a cliff (on a roof, a cliff). At the same time, looking down from the balcony of a high-rise building is not scary, because the wall of the balcony is psychologically calming. Similarly, due to the high sides of the balloon basket, the balloon flight is absolutely not scary.

  • Is it possible to fly in a hot air balloon at night?

    No, there are no flights at night. Balloons are not equipped with devices for flying in low visibility conditions, so such ballooning is not safe. At night, the balloon can only be operated in tethered, night glow mode.

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